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Speaking at WebTechCon Italy – 9-10 November 2010 – Milano

I’ll be speaking 🙂
The session will be “Flash graphics unleashed”. 30 mins to dig into flash graphics capabilities.
See you there

Some work appointments came through and I’ll not be able to be back for WebTech :
But don’t worry! there’s a HUUUUGE “replacement”, Sandro Ducceschi from SFUG has took over my slots! 🙂
so guys, have fun, I’ll be there with my soul 🙂

Yup, back on stage 🙂

I’ll be speaker at WebTechCon Italy, it’s the first year for this German conference in Italy and there are a HUGE amount of good reasons for you to come.

First of all it’s not all about flash!! There are 5 main tracks: webtech, flash day, silverlight day, javascript day and php4 frontend day… yes, “day” is not to be intended as “whole day” but much more as “track”.

It’s a good opportunity to put an eye on what’s going on on the html5 or silverlight fields and learn something new.

On the flashy side there are a bunch of well known and surely attractive speakers:

Luca Mezzalira ,Andrea Trento ,Marco Casario …I’m sure you all know what those guys are known for… then… well…. there’s me 😀

Further, it’s a good way to meet other guys from TheFlashMind AUG 😉

I’ll be speaking twice on flash graphics and pureMVC.

Be sure you buy a ticket and come, one month’s left, then… rock n roll

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All4Web day – 8th may 2009 – Milano Italy

Great news! Cross communities events work in Italy too and this is going to be an awesome one.


All4Web is a whole day of conference, completely free, completely geeky,  and completely across as many RIA technologies as you can count.
There will be great sessions about both server side and client side technologies such as the Adobe Flash Platform (and obviously Flex and AIR), JavaFX, AJAX, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Coldfusion, J2EE and so on 🙂
Many talented guys from every corner of Italy (and Switzerland) representing their usergroups and discussing about their favourite technology.
Involved usergroups are

Take a look at the agenda to have an idea of what a great event it’s going to be 🙂

In Milan, at the University “Bicocca” (Edificio U6 Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo 1) (google maps here)

May 8th 2009, from 10AM to about 6PM.

There will be a great debate about “RIA vs RIA”…just to start the day…(I can’t wait!!!!)
There will be lots of gadgets
There will be a lot of technology fighting! 😀
To get the broadest audience ever all sessions will be taken in italian.

…and finally…I’m back on the stage ready to speak! 😀

I hope to see you all there 😉

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Adobe Stratus on Adobe Labs

Did you remember “Pacifica” project? Now it’ [UPDATE: Adobe Stratus is a rendezvous service for RTMFP, a new protocol built in to Flash Player 10 and AIR 1.5. Neither RTMFP nor Stratus are related to the project codenamed Pacifica.] Something new is on adobe labs and its name is “Stratus“..WONDERFUL! 😀

Let’s explain what i’m talking about:

Stratus is “hosted rendezvous service that aids establishing communications between Flash Player endpoints”.
This technology enables clients’ flash player (10 +, or AIR 1.5) to connect directly each other to share runtime informations…actually PEER TO PEER!! (underline this: Stratus is a service by Adobe, not a technology to run on own servers).

Stratus does support only “end to end” p2p, multicast or swarming are not supported. This means we’re not enabled to create a new air-mule service over stratus, but we can build our p2p video chat, p2p real time games, etc…

Stratus introduces a new data transfer protocol: RTMFP, which uses UDP instead of clean RTMP which uses TCP. (note, RTMFP is not RTMP*, which is the encrypted protocol for FMS).

Stratus is now beta, and you can test a sample application hosted on the labs Stratus page

Stratus is going to be released next year (hopefully “early”) …it seems we’re going to have real time “anything” in few months 😀

This could be a new red pill for our webapps,
Stay tuned 😉

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Sorry for the nerdy title guys, but as I wrote that it sounded sooooo nicely! 😀

Anyway, here’s the news: FlexCamp moved inside Adobe Max Europe (w00t!) and will take place on 30th November in Milan.
Further, every flexcamp attendee will have a HUGE discount on Adobe Max ticket.

Take a look at flexcamp official site to have more informations, anyway… wow… I’m going to speak at Max… It’s an amazing news isn’t it? let’s say woot all together 😛

see you soon in Milan 🙂

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Back from the beach

Ahhh NICE!

That’s my first thoughts about these few days in Brighton at Flash on the Beach ’08.

It has been a pleasure to attend such some much AWESOME sessions. I’ve been quite impressed by those by Mario Klingemann and Doug McCune, both very much inspiring even if very technical. I liked so much the session about Flint too which has been very explanatory on many aspects of that good project.

A special mention also for Carlos Ulloa’s session which has been quite inspiring, actually he didn’t talk so much about technical arguments otherwise his speech was about workflow, and expecially papervision3D workflow, so I learned a lot from there 🙂

Anyway, FOTB is absolutely great, the greatest conference I ever attended and YOU ALL must go there next year because it could really change your life (your professional I mean…even though brighton is full of nice girls 😉 ).

By the way, I’m really happy to have met so many gorgeous people and I feel so much comforted to have seen so much “famous” (in developers’ world I mean :)) people being SO friendly! I mean, I shaked the hand of Richard Galvan, Aral Balkan, Ralph Hauwert, Mario Klingemann, Carlos Ulloa, Chris Allen (I still have to offer you that beer man!;) ) and many others… I mean…that’s incredible! 😀

However, I missed Neil’s session…again : oh man, i’m really sorry for this, but I’m really happy to have met you again and really I hope to see you soon at someother conference around the world 🙂

I even missed Peter Elst’s session, so Peter…I hope to attend your speech at Head conference 😉

further, I met many friends in Brighton (yes Zohar, you’re inside that group) and I’m really glad to have seen again those faces…and..I even tanned myself a bit…so i’m really satisfied 😀

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FOTB – the arrival and early days

I got here in brighton just yesterday and FOTB just started great for me 🙂
I’m located at “myHotel”…yes anyone I asked to for some indications to reach “my hotel” looked at me as I was mad but really, it’s the name of the accomodation!:)

Really nice hotel, rooms are fantastic and location is quite central…anyway my wi-fi won’t run, so I’m spending sometime to blog from the hotel internet cafe.

By the way, I’m really enthusiastic from the beginning of my trip…Just landed and I met Mario Klingemann (Quasimondo), Ralph Hauwert (UnitZeroOne), Chris and Rebecca Allen (infrared5) and Dominick Accattato (infrared5 too), got some beer and went to have some sushi in a really stylish sushi bar near the hotel named “Moshi Moshi”. I was quite surprised to find they’re all REAL! I just follow them in their blog and via twitter so it has been a pleasure for me to have spent so a good time with them 🙂

Furthermore, as we exit the hotel we met Aral Balkan and his girlfriend Stephanie… and they joined us for the dinner…

After a good sleep time I got up early in the morning (and still my wifi wouldn’t work) and got around in Brighton for “exploring” after been registered for the conference at the Corn Exchange. In the hotel hall I found Cyril Hanquez and Peter Elst both just arrived from belgium, we got around together, found a couple of squirrels in the park and joined Aral and Stephanie for lunch (japanese…again…ouch..). We also met Dave (the guy) and found his hair is really fancy 🙂

I’m really impressed, this is my first time in England and Brighton is a really lovely place… I could move here in some time, this town fits quite well the spirit of a bunch of nerds as we are 😀

stay tuned! 😉


(as soon as I can I’m publishing some pic on flickr…unfortunately I lost my mini-usb cable to download my photos :/)

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Tweensy: Tween manager + gfx effects generator

I recently found some very impressive demos of a new excellent framework: Tweensy, by an English flash developer named Shane McCartney.

Tweensy is mainly 2 things: a tween manager (such as tweener or tweenlite) and a gfx generator which includes a particle emitter, a bitmap render system.

Till now I’m getting that kind of effects by combining tweener with a custom particle emitter or flint library, I’m very curious to try out this new promising framework 🙂