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Speaking at WebTechCon Italy – 9-10 November 2010 – Milano

I’ll be speaking πŸ™‚
The session will be “Flash graphics unleashed”. 30 mins to dig into flash graphics capabilities.
See you there

Some work appointments came through and I’ll not be able to be back for WebTech :
But don’t worry! there’s a HUUUUGE “replacement”, Sandro Ducceschi from SFUG has took over my slots! πŸ™‚
so guys, have fun, I’ll be there with my soul πŸ™‚

Yup, back on stage πŸ™‚

I’ll be speaker at WebTechCon Italy, it’s the first year for this German conference in Italy and there are a HUGE amount of good reasons for you to come.

First of all it’s not all about flash!! There are 5 main tracks: webtech, flash day, silverlight day, javascript day and php4 frontend day… yes, “day” is not to be intended as “whole day” but much more as “track”.

It’s a good opportunity to put an eye on what’s going on on the html5 or silverlight fields and learn something new.

On the flashy side there are a bunch of well known and surely attractive speakers:

Luca Mezzalira ,Andrea Trento ,Marco Casario …I’m sure you all know what those guys are known for… then… well…. there’s me πŸ˜€

Further, it’s a good way to meet other guys from TheFlashMind AUG πŸ˜‰

I’ll be speaking twice on flash graphics and pureMVC.

Be sure you buy a ticket and come, one month’s left, then… rock n roll

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