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FOTB – the arrival and early days

I got here in brighton just yesterday and FOTB just started great for me 🙂
I’m located at “myHotel”…yes anyone I asked to for some indications to reach “my hotel” looked at me as I was mad but really, it’s the name of the accomodation!:)

Really nice hotel, rooms are fantastic and location is quite central…anyway my wi-fi won’t run, so I’m spending sometime to blog from the hotel internet cafe.

By the way, I’m really enthusiastic from the beginning of my trip…Just landed and I met Mario Klingemann (Quasimondo), Ralph Hauwert (UnitZeroOne), Chris and Rebecca Allen (infrared5) and Dominick Accattato (infrared5 too), got some beer and went to have some sushi in a really stylish sushi bar near the hotel named “Moshi Moshi”. I was quite surprised to find they’re all REAL! I just follow them in their blog and via twitter so it has been a pleasure for me to have spent so a good time with them 🙂

Furthermore, as we exit the hotel we met Aral Balkan and his girlfriend Stephanie… and they joined us for the dinner…

After a good sleep time I got up early in the morning (and still my wifi wouldn’t work) and got around in Brighton for “exploring” after been registered for the conference at the Corn Exchange. In the hotel hall I found Cyril Hanquez and Peter Elst both just arrived from belgium, we got around together, found a couple of squirrels in the park and joined Aral and Stephanie for lunch (japanese…again…ouch..). We also met Dave (the guy) and found his hair is really fancy 🙂

I’m really impressed, this is my first time in England and Brighton is a really lovely place… I could move here in some time, this town fits quite well the spirit of a bunch of nerds as we are 😀

stay tuned! 😉


(as soon as I can I’m publishing some pic on flickr…unfortunately I lost my mini-usb cable to download my photos :/)

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