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Flash Camp Milano 2011 – the day after

Yesterday it has been a great day!
Yesterday we had the FlashCamp here in Milan, hosted by WhyMCA mobile conference (thanks guys).

Flash Camp at WhyMCA

Lots of fun, lots of people (450 nerds) from the most different beliefs (html5ers, javascripters, objective-Cers, androiders, whateverers :)), a great happening to spread the word about what you can do with the flash platform and how it can ease your work when deploying on mobile devices.
Thanks to Adobe we even had a welcome guest: Mihai Corlan, who presented very cool new stuff putting his hands on Flex Builder 4.5 and the Flex Hero SDK.
Moreover it has been totally the best possible way to meet other people from the community of Milan, TheFlashMind, and to spread the word about our cool AUG 🙂

I really enjoyed the FlashCamp, it has been a pretty unique conference in Italy and it has been even more successful than we expected.
As the camp was in “Eataly” we had an Eatalian FlashCamp party at the end, a cool way to make developers meet each other and to make them drunk 🙂
Someone even twitted that it was the best part of the FlashCamp in Milan 🙂

Last but not least: my friend Luca already uploaded some pics to his flickr account.

See you at the next camp 😉