ActionScript 3, Flash Player, Flash Player 10

BitmapData and Stage size limit

Short tips post πŸ™‚

BitmapData size limit:
Up to flash 9 the size limit for a BitmapData object was 4096×4096 pixels.
With flash player 10 that limit was removed, but what does this exactly mean? May we be able to create 4097×4097 sized bitmapdata instances? the answer is NO, we can’t.
I just found an official explanation of that here

Just in case you don’t have the timewill to read it:
– we still have a limit!
– the limit is set to the maximum amount of pixels (16,777,215 (the decimal equivalent of 0xFFFFFF))
– the maximum valid size of the bounding rectangle side is 8191

Stage size limit:
It actually depends on the stage quality.
With a high quality set the bound limit is 4050×4050, if your content exceeds it gets cropped.
With a low or medium quality the bound limit increases, there’s no official documentation about that (or at least I didn’t find it).
Note that Adobe’s saying that “graphic artifacts” could be displayed when our stage “approaches” 3840 pixels range.

have fun πŸ™‚

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