Air 2 Multitouch and YouTube subtitles failure

I just found a very exciting demo from Ryan Stewart on how to mash up Google Maps 3D APIs and Air 2 multitouch gestures.
You can find his experiment’s source code on his blog here with a great video demo.

By the way, I started looking at the video from YouTube and noticed a new awesome feature: audio transcription and audio translation! w00t!
I tried out that wonderful piece of technology. I am Italian, so I tried to translate it on the fly…the result was ASTONISHING: no word was translated correctly, no sentence had a real meaning, if you run a Math.random() on the italian dictionary and start making a speech you’re likely having something better.

I guessed the problem was with the translation, but I was wrong :
at 1’46” you can find out that “To change the rules the perspective of a man San Diego freemen will concede you and all of the police on the street is the ability to going to fly over the map, she’s the perspective”… wtf!?
at 2’25” is even better: “but combining the there to gestures and grownups three the FBI a critic of the Iraq war unique way to browse and that’s really true that Bosnia really customize how the contents of the views that no one of the three demoted from a player and disturbing experience”….

Cool! An Adobe evangelist talking about Iraq war, FBI and Bosnia while free men will concede to you in San Diego…
Please, don’t trust that feature.
#google #fail

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