My FOTB '09 Schedule

Flash on the beach is each day closer and I started to plan my own schedule.
Each choice has been quite hard because of the high quality the conference is offering, the good thing is that even if I’m not 100% convinced to be attending some sessions I’m sure that I can switch to another one with the same or even higher quality šŸ™‚

papervision3D workshop by seb lee-delisle

Richard exposes all! – Richard Galvan
Casual game architecture – Keith Peters
Visualizing the voice – Chuck Freedman
Who’s a bright spark then! – Mike Jones
Cybernetic art revsited – Dr. Woohoo!
Telling Stories ā€“ Hillman Curtis
Epiphany ā€“ Joel Gethin Lewis

3 minute wonders – many (looking forward to Michiel van der Ros 3D optimization for MMOs)
Quick as a Flash – Grant Skinner
Leaving the sandbox – Joa Ebert
Application Frameworks – Richard Lord
More than bending pixels – Paul Burnett
Unconventional Webapps – Des Traynor + Eoghan McCabe
Choose your own adventure – Craig Swann

Play with vectors – Koen de Weggheleire
Connecting the dots – Mario Klingemann
Work/Play – Seb Lee-Delisle
Flashed Fashion – Andy Mcdonald
Research realtime graphics – Ralph Hauwert
Space – Joshua Davis

I’m getting in Brighton on saturday 19th, you’re allowed to poke me šŸ™‚


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