Speaking at "Arrivano i guru" September 26th 2009 Milan

I’m pleased to be speaking at “Arrivano i guru” stage of Milan the next September 26th.
Arrivano i guru is a moving conference iterating the whole italian peninsula. Here’s the complete list of stages
Main topics are Adobe Flash Platform , SEO, and graphics. Great speakers are involved, such as Tiziano Fruet, Luca Mezzalira, and many others.

This is my session’s outline:
Special Effects in Flash CS4
Impariamo ad utilizzare bitmaps, filtri e tweens in Flash CS4 per creare effetti speciali custom.

I filtri in flash
– cosa sono i filtri in flash
– applicare i filtri con AS3

I blendmode in flash
– cosa sono i blendmode in flash
– applicare i blendmode AS3

Sveliamo i bitmap
– cos’è un bitmap in Flash
– i bitmap come tela di un pittore
– manipolare i bitmap in AS3

– cos’è Tweensy
– animare i propri effetti speciali

Special Effects in Flash CS4
Let’s learn to use bitmaps, filters and tweens within Flash CS4 to create custom special effects.

– what are filters in flash?
– applying filters using AS3

– what blend modes are
– applying blendmodes using AS3

discovering bitmaps
– what are bitmaps for Flash?
– bitmaps as a painter’s canvas
– manipulating bitmaps using AS3

– what’s Tweensy?
– creating and animating our own special effects

See you there 😉

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