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Trace on a shell

Since it has been created i’ve been a fan of flash tracer extension, i really fell in love with that tool, but i noticed it slow down the browser and can even make it crash.

So, let’s open a trace logger on our terminal…

To do that the right command is “tail” which actually “[…]Print  the  last 10 lines of each FILE to standard output[…]” and the file to open is located in /Users/[your username]/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/Logs/flashlog.txt

Then, let’s do something good and useful with that:

open your TextEdit, cmd+shift+T to switch to plain text, write down this one line command:

tail -f /Users/[your username]/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/Logs/flashlog.txt

save the file as “flashtracer.sh” and use sh as file extension instead of txt.

then right click on the file, reach the “open with” menu and choose “terminal” application located inside utility folder. Note: it would be great if you set terminal as default application to open that file 🙂

ok, now everything’s ready; double click on flashtracer.sh and start tracing 🙂

Note: remember you’re in a shell now, so you can clear up the lines with cmd+K…

I hope it can be useful,

byez 🙂

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