3D, ActionScript 3, Flash Player

Flash 3D stress tests

I just moved to my fresh new country¬† and started studing for my new job 🙂

I’m trying to get a usual “virtual world” scene (such as second life’s) using (possibly free and open) as3 3D frameworks, so my first choice has been papervision3D.

Unfortunately I’m not a 3D modeler so I had to get models from the web, anyway google sketchup warehouse is a very good resource to collect DAEs (but remember they may be not parsable by ascollada).
For the human model I’ve just “stolen” a walking girl from 3Dflasho.
…and here‘s what I got combining the 2 models: a girl walking in a stadium. (girl is automatically walking forward, just use left and right arrows to make her turn)


(note: textures are about 7 mb and the whole swf is very cpu intensive) 

Take a look to the profiler, you can notice that framerate is very low even on a very good machine (i had a value range from 12 to 18 with everything loaded and 2628 for the girl only on a macbookpro 2.4ghz and flash player 9.0.124 debug).

Next steps for me are:

1) try the same models on Away3D and maybe on Alternativa

2) search for better models (expecially for the stadium which generates too many culling issues on the ground)

3) have a mana potion

I hope to get good news from papervision and away3d mailing lists about flash 10 implementations, expecially about both engines’ drawing speed..in the while I’m going on with my tests 😀

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