Great june for 3D on Flash platform :D

June is starting from two big hot news for flash 3D fans and devs:


  1. Papervision team merged Great White and Effects branches, now effects are considered “stable” (as a beta can be :)) and they’ve been included in the project core. There’s a plenty of synthax and logic changes but the result is pretty awesome, so update your working copy from great white svn and visit Zupko’s blog to keep you up to date. Note for devs: From now on “effects” branch on svn is to be considered deprecated.
  2. Alternativa Platform is ready to try!!!!! From Russia with love, this cutting edge 3D project finally is available for download and test. The major interest for me is to try out a 3d engine already cooked for flash player 10. Anyway keep calm your blood, whilst Alternativa is a really kickin ass project it’s not free nor open, so if you’re already planning to build up something that will be commercial you have to send some roubles there in Russia πŸ˜€

…no doubts about this is a good way to begin summer time πŸ˜€

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