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FPSMonitor for AS3 and Flex projects


Here’s some (usefull i hope 🙂 ) source..


I’ve made a little fps monitor for my projects (for both as3 and flex)… so, here’s some souce and some howtos about…

There are 2 classes, FPSMonitor is made for as3 (or flash) projects, the other one, FlexFPSMonitor is made expecially for use in Flex.

Usage AS3:

import it.flashfuck.debugger.FPSMonitor;
addChild(new FPSMonitor());

Usage Flex:

// new xmlns in application tag
//then add the tag, remember to add it at the end of your app so it's appearing in front of everything

quite simple hm? 😀
The main difference between these classes’ results is dragging. Flex one is draggable over the application stage, the other one is not draggable (just edit the code if you want to bring it away among the screen 🙂 )….

FPSMonitor (as the flex one) is monitoring
– OS, Player type, version, and “is debugger”
– Memory usage (note: this parameter tells you the memory usage by ALL flash player instances you’re running, so if you’re running more than 1 player at once this value is altered!…even in 2 firefox tabs or a standalone and a browser player)

FPSMonitor is displaying in a graph 2 values: FPS (white) and memory usage (black) (same note for this value :))
Everything is blended with BlendMode.INVERT so you can see the monitor in quite every condition.

I hope you enjoy.
Download here both classes and

….just a note: feel free to use this code anywhere, if you’re improving functionalities, adding more features or anything else please just send me a smoke signal or a pidgeon with a message so i can update the source 🙂

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