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FlashLog.txt not being generated on OSX Leopard

I had this nasty problem on my leopard box. I installed flash tracer extension for firefox but nothing was displaied in…

Normally every traced line is written into flashlog.txt file…but actually no flashlog file was being generated! so problem wasn’t on that usefull extension but in flashplayer configuration.

So, here’s the solution i found out:
look for “mm.cfg” file into /Library/Application Support/Macromedia,
then open it with a text editor and write these two lines:


Then save and restart flash player ( just restart your browser…).. Magically flashlog.txt is now being generated and flashtracer start working fine 😀

NOTE: if you don’t find any mm.cfg file just create it with your text editor and put those 2 lines in it 🙂

5 thoughts on “FlashLog.txt not being generated on OSX Leopard

  1. Anyone having trouble on OS X with flash player 10.

    Look in ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash\ Player/Logs/flashlog.txt


  2. Thanks for the post. It didn’t actually solve my problem, but it sort of did indirectly 🙂 I just started compiling SWFs directly from TextMate and couldn’t figure out why the FlashLog.txt wasn’t getting updated. Turns out it was simply because I was compiling my SWF and not viewing it. Gotta actually OPEN the SWF to update the output file. Duh! Now to figure out if there’s a way to automatically open the SWF after fcsh compiles it… Hmm…


  3. did you try maven with flexmojos plugin?
    maybe it’s a little cumbersome for a tiny production, but it solves many problems related to testing swfs, or better, the feature that could be useful to you is related to testing (maven is a really huge project with lots of features):
    actually it “forces” you to write test unit tests for your swfs which are executed once your code is compiled.
    everything is launched via command line, so it could be scareing if you’re not addicted to the terminal\propt, but once it is in your daily you’re done 🙂

  4. Here’s something else to check, if you can’t get your flashlog.txt to work. I created and saved my mm.cfg file in TextEdit, which by default saved it as RTF. Changing the mm.cfg file to ASCII text fixed the problem for me.

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